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Thanks for all your help with all my other issues.  I'll look at the logout.php fix tomorrow.

I have questions about the Home Features data vs. the Community Features data that you can add for each property.  It seems that they're not separate fields?  Or the function show_features isn't separated into two different data sources?

I want to be able to lay out all the features in their own cell, but the way it's laid out in sort_features, there are two table cells for Home and Community, and then a data dump with line breaks.  Basically, I can't valign=top the Community Features, whereas I can the Home Features.

Does that make sense?  Am I just missing the difference in the field names for each list of features?  You can see what I mean at my page: … php?view=6 .  The bottom has the Home and Community Features and I want both lists starting at the top.  All the editing I've done to features.php, admin.php, adminfeatures.php, and propview.php haven't helped.

Thanks.  roll  Please don't get sick of me yet!

Re: Home Features vs. Community Features

You probably want to display it the way it used to be "back in the day" wink I would have to look at some of the older code to get it back into tables. I have been moving away from tables for layout and trying to get it working right with css. If you are adventurous, look at something like the 2.7 code to see how it's parsed out. You have to change the field delimiter to </td><td> in features.php I think.... it's been a little while.
I may have a chance to look at this sometime... oh in a week or so. In the meantime, I'm going to be out of town and working late a lot sad

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Re: Home Features vs. Community Features

Hi Patrick,

Yes, everything I tried doesn't work because it seems the show_features function doesn't separate out the two different types of "features."

Thanks for getting back to me.  I can't believe all the work you do with this.