Topic: (quick and easy) improvements

I like what I see in this product, it looks pretty nice, but here are just a few very simple fixes I've seen.

1)  When you type in a password it probably shouldn't be in clear-text ... fixing this is extremely simple, simply change "input type=text" to "input type=password" in the files containing login screens.

2)  If you only have a few listings and one of your featured listings has more than one image the first image on that listing is shown the number of times equil to the number of pictures that listing has.  I am guessing that this was suposed to show all the pictures for this house, or this is just a bug, either way it doesn't make sense ... I havent fixed this yet, but I assume its a simple fix, and will post again once I do fix it.

3) friendmail.php really should have somthing to make sure you've filled out the required fields (if nothing else at least the "friends email" column.  Without this you can submit a blank form ... a simple fix would be to just add a required condition to the form.

Im sure theres more little things I'll come up with, but those are the 3 that stood out to me right away.


Re: (quick and easy) improvements

Navigate to your admin page:
There is an option to hide the password - this configuration is in the database now.

Can you point me to an instance where you see the multiple images?

I'm sure this can be done fairly easily.

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