Topic: Need Help, can't create thum_ image?

I try to use FR-2.8.6-1 in my local computer (localhost) but I have trouble with the imagemagick db..?. I got the message after edit/upload picture like this:

<b>Your image has been added (blabla.jpg).
Warning: unlink(/tmp/thumb_blabla.jpg) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in c:\mylocalhost\baron\agentadmin.php on line 208</b>

1. There is /tmp/ directory, but I don't have that directory. Is FR create temporary directory automatically or I must create a new one i.e C:\mylocalhost\tmp ?
2. What is mean of the warning? and how to fixing?

Re: Need Help, can't create thum_ image?

You need a /tmp directory. Without using a directory named /tmp you can change the references to /tmp in includes/thumbnail.php to c:/temp or whatever. I have used /tmp extensively throughout the scripts, unfortunately as a hard link. It is potentially minor to put a $temp variable in common.php and change all the /tmp links to $temp.

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