Topic: Frequently Asked Questions 3.0

1) How do I install FreeRealty 3.0?
FreeRealty 3.0 should be fairly simple to install, but some things have changed from previous versions. First unpack FreeRealty.

#tar -xvzf FR-3.(version).tgz

Copy common30.sample.php to common.php and edit the values for $server, $db, $table_prefix, $user, $password.
Copy all of these files to the server.
Create the database.
Access the installation page /install30.php. Enter your user name and password from common.php above. You should see sql commands scroll down your screen. You should see only zeros ('0') and ones ('1') in the results of the installation commands. if you see any negative ones ('-1'), then something didn't get inserted into the database and you will need to investigate it further.

2) How do I set up the Free Realty database?
You must create the database from the command line:

  mysql -u <username> -p 
  mysql> create database realty;
  mysql> exit;

The database can then be populated using install30.php. After this runs, login with your user name and password that you used to create the database and change any   configuration options. 
Check the images/listings and images/agents folders for proper permissions. 664 or 774 recommended with group ownership given to the web server.

3) Why is the basic FreeRealty install so "ugly"?
The plain truth is that I'm no great graphical artist or web site designer. Only the basic functionality is provided by the FreeRealty scripts. Some work has gone into the beginnings of a stylesheet, named freerealty.css that should give some nicer looking pages. As of 2.9, there is a default background image, some basic formatting of colors, borders around images and the featured image box. Over time there may be additional stylesheets available depending upon how much time I have to work on them, and how much others want to contribute smile

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